Certified Ideas – Copyright

Now the authorship of his works can have a digital certification

Certified Ideas – Copyright

Protection for the authorship of Works, ideas, designs, etc.

Ideas – Copyright Certified for all your works and projects with legal validity from your own computer and immediately.

Certified work
Certified Authentication
Anticopy protection
Custody of 5 years

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Full Certificate knows how important ideas are in any project. Now with Certified Ideas you can offer legal protection to your Know How with digital certificates. Your ideas will be completely protected against threats of plagiarism and their content is preserved, saving him of possible infringements. Certified Ideas is born as a form of protection of projects, knowledge or ideas that have meant a dedication of effort. Therefore, with Certified Ideas we want to help safeguard the time that has been spent offering certification services for those ideas. With Certified Ideas you can protect from alterations from communication campaigns or publicity and creativity to project plans.


All original artistic, scientific or literary creations expressed by any means or support shall be the subject of intellectual property.


These creations include, for example:


  • Writings, speeches, lectures, reports, etc.
  • Musical compositions.
  • Cinematographic works and any other audiovisual work.
  • The works of drawing, engraving, etc.
  • Projects, plans, designs of architectural and engineering works.
  • Those related to science and geography.
  • Photographic works
  • Computer programs


The author, as holder of an intellectual property right, has two types of principal rights:


  1. The rights of personal character or moral rights: inalienable rights that belong to the author forever and pass to his heirs.
  2. The rights of a patrimonial nature: related to the exploitation of the work.

To do this, you only have to send the ideas you need to certify to our platform of Full Certificate and immediately Certified Ideas will respond with the certificate of the document. It will also be available to download from the Customer Access Area. With Certified Ideas we want to help you in the records of your projects with totally reliable and legal certificates.

The figure of Full Certificate as Third of Trust, guarantees that your shipments have full legal validity. Fast, economical, ecological and comfortable, from your computer, saving time and work. In addition we offer with all our products the service of notary testimony on demand.

Certification of IDEAS – COPYRIGHT

Certified works, IDEAS and projects – Certified COPYRIGHT

Use this service to protect your work and authorship with full legal validity.


Emitter goes up to the platform documents


Certified documentary generation and integration


Sending the certificate to the user

Upload your documents, different types of digital or digitized files to our platform, with your work, idea or project. We will immediately generate an electronic certificate in a single electronically signed PDF which is sent to you via email. You can also download this legal certificate from the same platform where we keep it for 5 years.

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