Notarial Testimony

Register your important notifications through the notarial protocol

Notarial Testimony

Your electronic notifications with the maximum level of certification.

A notarial service with which you will have an exact copy of the content of your certificates and notifications.

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In Full Certificate we know how important it is for you to certify your notifications with the highest level. For this reason, we provide the Notarial Testimony service: a Notary will include in its protocol an exact copy on paper of the certified communications that you have obtained after hiring our services.


The electronic certification issued by Full Certificate and notarized testimony is fully valid as a documentary evidence in a judicial process, enjoying the maximum presumption of truthfulness regarding the content, result, subjects and dates of communication, all in accordance with the rules legally established regarding the probative value of public and private documents.


Through this service, the document sent by the client and received by the recipient is kept by Full Certificate (as a trusted third party).


It is the highest level of legal guarantee, since a Notary will attest to all the certifications in date and time that you received after sending your communications to the recipient.


An irrefutable proof to succeed in any lawsuit.


The certified documents are sent electronically to the Notary and he will issue an exact copy on stamped paper that he will send (telematically) back so that the client can download it in the platform of Full Certificate.


Testimonials, certified copies and certifications:


The testimonies are the complete transcription of a record or a deed and are transcribed, or reproduced documents are added to the notarial instrument, the Notary will issue first, second or subsequent testimony, or certified copy, to the author of the act or participant in the fact consigned in the instrument in question.


A certified copy is the total or partial reproduction of a deed or act, as well as of their respective documents of the appendix, or only of these or of some or some of these, that the Notary will issue only for specific cases.


A notarial certification is the relation that the notary does of an act or fact that works in his protocol, in a document that he himself issues or in a preexisting document, as well as the affirmation that a transcription or reproduction coincides faithfully with his original.

The certification issued by Full Certificate and notarized testimony has full legal validity for use in judicial proceedings or as reliable evidence against third parties.

The figure of Full Certificate as Trusted Third Party, guarantees that your communications and notifications have full legal validity. Fast, economical, ecological and comfortable, from your computer, saving time and work. We also offer the Notarial Testimony service on demand with all our products.

Advantages of the Notarial Testimony

Characteristics of the Notarial Testimony.

  • Certified document and signed by a notary.
  • Accurate sealed copy that contains the data of the shipment, the content and acknowledgment of receipt, both of the document and its content.
  • Maximum legal guarantee against third parties.
  • Inclusion in the Notarial Protocol.

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