Smart Renting – Rent and Smart Renting

Intelligent Cash Flow for Rentals and Renting

Smart Renting – Rent and Smart Renting


Intelligent Rental
Automated Renting
Collection of fees
Debt collection
Electronic certification
Legal validity

Smart Renting allows electronic and automated management of all types of rental contracts for real estate, products in general and financial contracts for renting.


The process is initiated through Smart Contracts or Intelligent Contracts of the service to be provided. An intelligent contract is sent to the electronic signature by the recipient and executes the financial and legal variables of the contract.


The communications, agreements and actions of collections and recoveries are certified in Full Certificate, Trusted Third Party, generating legal validity for the electronic facts made.


Contracts are Online Certified Contracts can be signed on mobile phones, PCs or Tablets. The integrations with means of payments are at the level of all Europe, through SEPA. All the processes of Smart Payments and Smart Recovery, that is, the automation of collections and recoveries, are executed in this way.


In case of default, the recovery cycles are activated. Multi-channel certified communications are executed with fractionation or not of the payment of the delay. Remaining a friendly preliminary ruling file for claims through arbitration or trial.


Smart Renting allows you to define all types of financial variables and management associated with the terms and conditions of the contract. Among these variables we highlight:


  • Monthly fees
  • Payment periods
  • Interest for late payment
  • Return costs
  • Penalties
  • Payment methods
  • Etc


The electronic collection channels can be:


  • Online POS
  • Direct electronic receipt
  • Electronic bank transfer
  • Etc


Among the service options include the following:


WS Automation Recovery Services: For customers with the largest volume of recovery records. Implementation through needs analysis, IT programming and integration of web services – WS API REST –.


Cloud Recovery Services for companies, Associations and Institutions: Activation in the cloud and automation of recovery records through our online services.


Among the great benefits of these digital projects we highlight the following:


  • Important financial cost savings
  • Savings of thousands of man hours
  • Certified electronic communications
  • Automated, semi-automated and manual processes
  • Collections and automated payments with payments on account
  • Control and certification by Tercero de Confianza
  • Legal validity


Smart Renting contributes a substantial reduction of time in the management and processes of the clients and, most importantly, we generate processes with high levels of success in its strategy of collection, payments and recovery.


This service is perfectly integrated into rental companies, Renting, Socimis, Associations, etc.


We recommend you know our Smart Communities products that allow you to automate your community governance processes, collect fees and recover arrears in Neighborhood Communities.


The figure of Full Certificate as an Electronic Trust Service Provider guarantees that your communications, contracts and agreements have full legal validity. A fast, economic, and useful service that you can do from your office, saving time and work. We also offer, with all our products, the possibility of requesting our Notarial Testimony services.

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